Living Fossils in Palm Beach!

Tomorrow we’re going to go to my secret spot and look for some real fossils. Hopefully we’ll discover some sharks teeth, parrotfish mouth plates, or worm tubes.

Today we had an encounter with a real living fossil, the horseshoe crab.

Living Fossils!

Some interesting fun facts …

  • They used to swim side-by-side with Trilobites a long, l-o-o-o-ng time before you were born
  • They live 20-30 years
  • They can regrow their limbs like starfish

Class dismissed! Let’s go have some fun …

One thought on “Living Fossils in Palm Beach!”

  1. What a great looking camp. I wish they had them like this,when I was young and going to summer camps.
    My granddaughter went with Mike, and really had a great time. She will be back, couldn’t keep her away!
    Thanks Mike!!!

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