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Mike Bacon grew up fishing and snorkeling in North Palm Beach, Florida. He began scuba diving in 1966 and has been a professional Underwater and Nature Photographer since 1987. He has spent tens of thousands of hours in, on, around and under the water.

His career as a freelance wildlife photographer has taken him worldwide. His award winning photographs have appeared in hundreds of underwater, nature and wildlife magazines including National Geographic, Natures Best, Nature Photographer, National and International Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Ocean Realm and Sea Frontiers.

You can see some of his photos on his photography web site, MikeBacon.com.

Mike earned his 50 ton captains license in 1987 while working for Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida.

He has had a life long passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise with others, including his students as a teacher in the fields of earth/space, marine and natural sciences. His enthusiasm and love for the ocean realm is contagious.

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  1. Hi Mike, it’s Natali from Canada. Emery, Griffin Morgan and I were talking about our fun times with you this morning. It’s been nice to have them home together for a little while. We talked about how you could cook anything, shuffle your feet and find dangerous things without worrying, and could hold your breath for a huge amount of time. Wish I could share an image of how big the boys have gotten. Morgan is doing construction and go to the gym every day and Griffin is in the army doing radio stuff and computer stuff and university. Hopefully we will come down and visit you sometime. Hope you are well . Peace and love Natali

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