NON-STOP ADVENTURE FUN!!! Afternoon Session.

Hi Everybody, Welcome Back!!!

I’m finally getting a chance to finish up the afternoon blog for last week, July 10 – 13, 2012 session. I’ve been so crazy busy doing double sessions, birthday parties and custom trips on weekends that I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet! I guess I”ve just been too busy having fun and adventure!!! what can I say… Sometimes having too much FUN can be exhausting!!!

To begin with though, let me just say the afternoon session had as much Non-Stop Adventure Fun as the morning group did for the week. Everything was phenominal and we had a blast from the very first second till the moment we had to come back!!! And just like the morning group, these kids were just GREAT and ready for adventure too!!! And Adventure we had!!!

Group photo by the beach.

Group photo by the beach.

Thru-out the week, we had some fabulous manatee encounters also, caught plenty of BIG barracudas, found tons of starfish and sea urchins, caught all sorts of crabs, pufferfish and striped burrfish in our hand nets, enjoyed snorkeling the Rock Garden, Peanut and Munyon Island, chased blennies and gobies around the rocks, and basically had the time of our lives!!! It was non-stop FUN!!! Wish you could have been there!

Barracuda Catchers.

Barracuda catchers.

On our fishing day we went to my secret snapper hole and the snappers had moved back in by the hundreds!!! Before we knew it, there were a dozen big snappers in the boat, and plenty of big barracuda around the boat trying to eat them before we could get them in!!! It was just great! Everybody was having a blast and catching snappers one right after the other!!! Just the way I love it!

Tommy catches a BIG lane snapper.

Tommy catches a BIG lane snapper.

Later that day we snorkeled around the shallow bar around Peanut Island and had so much FUN chasing crabs, sharp-nosed pufferfish and big, striped burrfish with our nets that we didn’t want to go home when it was time to leave!

Christopher with a striped burrfish.

Christopher with a striped burrfish.

We turned over rocks and found dozens of large swimming crabs hiding underneath, and of course, we had to give chase to those too!!! Most would get away but every now and then someone would come up with a nice big crab in their net, and we’d all check it out!

Madison catches a nice swimming crab!

Madison catches a nice swimming crab.

We stopped by Little Munyon Island a few times and found some really big beaded starfish burrowing in the sand. We didn’t have much luck finding any 9 armed starfish, but beaded starfish were everywhere!!! Let’s just say, we had a blast finding them!!!

Brian finds a beaded starfish!

Brian finds a beaded starfish.

We spent an hour or so everyday snorkeling around the Big Sandbar and watched juvenile barracudas chase menhaden all around us. We saw dozens of fighting conchs along the bottom and collected a few to check out before letting them go. I know Andy had FUN finding one after another!

Andy finds another fighting conch.

Andy finds another fighting conch.

We were so busy having Non-stop Adventure Fun, that before we knew it the week had come to an end! I can guarantee that none of us was ready to call it a week!!! It does seem the more fun your having, the faster time flies!!! Needless to say, we had a fabulous week!!! We had some awesome sea creature encounters, and we learned a pile of stuff along the way!!! It just doesn’t get any better than that!!! And that’s just the way I love it!!! I just can’t wait to do it all over again!!!

I’ll let some of my favorite pictures do the rest of the talking!!! Enjoy!!!

Mac catches another blue crab!

Mac catches another blue crab.

Matthew finds a big sea urchin!

Matthew finds a big sea urchin.

Brandon finds another beaded starfish!

Brandon finds another beaded starfish.

Samuel finds a cushion starfish!

Samuel finds a cushion starfish.

Harper finds 2 more fighting conchs!

Harper finds 2 more fighting conchs.

Another friendly manatee stops by for a visit!


To check out the rest of the photos from this weeks session, please click on “Check out our FLICKR photostream” found a little bit down on this home page on the right side and go to “July 10 – 13, 2012 PM session”.

See you all soon!!!

Let’s Go Have Some Fun!!!

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