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We’ve just finished up another week of summer time Fun and Adventure around the Lake Worth lagoon, and what another wonderful week we’ve had!!! We spent the week boating up and down the intra coastal waterway, snorkeling the Rock Garden, exploring the Big Sandbar, fishing my secret spots and catching tons of fish non stop! Another day we watched manatees eat sea grass all around the boat and later that day we had a ball watching a few bottlenose dolphin frolic just off our bow. We took a quick run offshore to observe some loggerhead and green sea turtles in crystal clear water and came upon a sargassum seaweed line that had mahi mahi swimming up and down it everywhere!!! They were literally jumping out of the water all around us!!! We cast out a line with a plug on it and before you knew it, Neil had one in the boat!!! Way to go!!!

Catching mahi mahi.

During the week, we caught swimming crabs under rocks, found sea urchins and starfish galore, and topped that day off finding a big horseshoe crab cruising around in the shallows. We found fighting conchs, beaded starfish, hermit crabs and watched a school of reef squid change all sorts of colors right before our eyes! We caught pufferfish bare handed and found some really cool scrawled cowfish, trunkfish, puffers, pipefish and juvenile barracudas, etc while seine netting . I think the huge checkerboard puffer and scrawled cowfish were the favorites that day! In between all that, we had a blast at the Big Sandbar finding all sorts of cool things!

Group photo on the sandbar.

We ended the week having one of the very best manatee encounters I’ve ever seen!! While anchored behind Munyon Island, we had 3 manatees come right up to the the boat, lay directly against the side and roll over like they wanted their tummies scratched. Of course we had to oblige for a few seconds. For 45 minutes they just layed there and we had a ball watching them from inches away!!! It was AWESOME for everyone!!! What a way to end the week!!!

friendly manatee

Needless to say, we had non stop FUN and ADVENTURE from start to finish and thats just the way I love it!!! I’ll let some of the pictures do the rest of the talking!!! Enjoy!!!

Neil catches a nice mahi mahi.

Neil catches a nice mahi mahi

Samuel finds a BIG cushion starfish.

Samuel finds a big cushion starfish.

Bennet catches a pufferfish.

Bennet catches a pufferfish.

Alex catches a BIG swimming crab!

Alex catches a big swimming crab.

Colin catches a spanish hogfish.

Colin catches a spanish hogfish.

Robby with a scrawled cowfish.

Robby with a scrawled cowfish.

Aaron and sammy with a checkered puffer.

Aaron and Sammy with a checkered pufferfish

Bella with a tiny trunkfish.

Bella with a tiny trunkfish.

Joey finds a fighting conch.

Joey with a fighting conch.

Joshua finds a west indian sea egg.

Joshua finds a west indian sea egg.

Elias catches a tiny pufferfish.

Elias and pufferfish

Evan finds another nice fighting conch.

Evan with fighting conch.

To check out the rest of the photos from this weeks session, please click on “Check out our FLICKR photostream” found a little bit down on this home page on the right side and go to “June 26 – 29, 2012 AM session”.
See you all soon!!!

Let’s Go Have Some Fun!!!

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