Dear Parent,

I've logged tens of thousands of hours in the worlds five oceans as a professional guide and photographer, but the place I enjoy most is my back yard since birth -- home of the Adventure Mike Summer Day Camp -- the Lake Worth Lagoon.

As a teacher in the Palm Beach County school system, I get to tell tales about some of the adventures I've had here as a child ...

A while ago during one of these stories my friend's son blurted out, "I wish I could come along with you on your adventures". He then begged, pleaded, and literally twisted my arm to go. I finally gave in and took them out. On that day we saw a large pod of dolphins -- a rare sight now -- poking their heads among the mangrove roots.

After a hand-burning high five (and an astonished teary-eyed thanks from his mom) I reflected upon how fate has always shone on me and how the lagoon has been a big part of my life that I'd love to share with people.

As the dolphins swam off I decided to dedicate part of my relaxing summer sabbatical to creating a local summer camp right here in Palm Beach Gardens. Adventure Mike's Summer Day Camp was born!

Wow! I wish I had started sooner. Let me show you how much fun your kids will have by remembering some of the adventures we had last summer ...

Wandering On Pirate Island ...

During low tide we always go land-ho here to track down critters. It's always fun to find all of the live shells here -- Baby Ear Mollusks, Olives, many species of Conchs -- so the kids can see them before they go on to Davy Jones' locker.

It's also a great place to run around as Adventure Jonah and Annie discovered chasing down seagulls here last summer.

Tiptoeing Through The Fish Nursery ...

Each week we motor over to the back side of my favorite island and do some seine netting in the shallows -- finding juvenile reef fish, rare frogfish, baby snook -- and witness the diversity of sea life first hand. Adventure Dakota, Brian and Jason found a beautiful pigmy seahorse here!

Snorkeling The Rock Garden ...

Adventure Nicholas became an expert jawfish-spotter at this spot by locating their shell-lined burrow's. Always blessed with clear water, the rock garden is a magical place loaded with thousands of tropical fish, octopi, and crabs. Incredible!

Trekking The Tooth Yard ...

I don't let too many people know about this spot. It is a true treasure. Not only is it a hermit crab megalopolis but it's a great place to hunt for sharks teeth. Osprey-eyed Adventure Ariana and Liana found a handful here last summer. Adventure Dina saved a Nudibranch who had washed up on shore here too! My heroes!

Visiting The Manatee Chamber ...

Last year we had four manatee encounters! The best was when two large manatees stopped not far from the boat. They just laid there and nibbled algae off each others backs. Adventure Jonah, Annie, Allison, Nicholas and I swam around them and watched in amazement for what seemed like forever.

Fishing The Lagoon Wrecks ...

Each week we will spend a day fishing in my highly-guarded secret spots where the action can be non-stop from start to finish. Just ask Adventure Carolyn from last summer. She caught 71 fish in one day all by herself! No fish tale! We have the photos to prove it!

Wading Through Starfish Prairie ...

This enchanted place has a very shallow hard rock bottom covered in short spined urchins from end to end. AdventureZach, Matthew, Max, Doug, Ben and Preston found bright scarlet red Cushion Sea Stars feeding here.

Every Day Is A New Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story ...

We have the most fun when we see something rare and unusual ... or discover a new spot. One day last summer we saw a lone piling and waded in to check it out. I was stunned to see a wondrous pair of striated frogfish peeking back at us, camouflaged like hydroids.

This was the second time in my life I had been lucky enough to see them; and not just one but a pair! Luckily we had an aspiring naturalist on this trip, Adventure Drew, who filmed the encounter!

As You Can See This is No Ordinary Summer Camp ...

I work hard to make sure no detail is overlooked so your children will never forget this lasting gift. While we have lots (and I mean lots!) of fun, as a parent you should know I do take safety seriously.

Please let me tell you just a few of the things you will learn when you attend orientation ...

A Safe Hands-On Educational Adventure

At the dock on the first day you'll learn the following ...

I also update my web site, Facebook, and Twitter feed right from the boat so you can join in on your childs adventure from home or work ...

Your Kids Will Love You For It ... Just See What Last Years Parents Had To Say ...

You have given my boys a gift that I could never have provided for them. They now have a very different view and a new love for the world underwater. As a teacher, rest assured that you have made a difference in their lives, in such a short time, and they will be coming back year after year!



Great job Adventure Mike. My daughter loved the camp. It was a Nature Show from TV brought to life.


Many thanks to Mike for allowing our daughter, Allison, to have a phenomenal experience this week! Every day has been a new adventure and she always comes off the boat with a smile and lots of stories to tell. And the greatest part of it all is that while she's having a blast, she's learning at the same time. Mike - You're the best!

Sincerely, Katie.

What a great looking camp. I wish they had them like this, when I was young and going to summer camps. My granddaughter went with Mike, and really had a great time. She will be back, couldn't keep her away!

Thanks Mike!!!


My daughter, Hannah, had such a great time with Mike's Adventure Camp. She really enjoyed riding on the boat and stopping at the sandbar to swim and look for crabs. Mike does such a great job teaching kids about sealife and keeping it fun at the same time.

Hannah walked away from the experience with knowledge and memories that will last a long, long time. She wants to bring all of her friends on her next adventure so they can share in the fun. Thanks Mike for sharing your knowledge with my little one.


Every day they came home with adventure stories to share! It's like they found Treasure Island and didn't want to come back. Even better, they came home tired every day and went to sleep early. ;) Thanks Adventure Mike!


Noelle couldn't stop talking about her adventure. She told me all about seeing a eagle ray while riding on the boat. One of her favorite adventures was when Mike took her snorkeling. She was scared at first (she isn't a good swimmer) but Mike took the time to make sure she was comfortable with the mask and her flotation device before getting in the water. Noelle was so impressed by the end of it that she told me that Mike is her new best friend. She saw all sorts of shiny and pretty colored fish, she found the fighting crabs to be funny. In fact, once she got off the boat she insisted that we go and purchase her snorkeling equipment.

Noelle told me the stories of going to an island where she got a lucky bean, but we warned me we must be careful as the plant has spikey things to keep birds from eating the beans. She told me about mangroves and fish that eat algae. She had only one regret, the time had ended too quick.

Thank you Mike for taking the time to educate my daughter. It is amazing to see how much she appreciates the water and the nature around us here in South Florida. Let me know when the next camp has an opening for Noelle.

-Rich (Dad)

Oh wow! [Noelle] looks like she is having so much fun! After I pick her up she talks and talks about all the stuff that she has learnt....I can't believe how much mike teaches's awesome! She is having a blast out there!!!!!!! She was telling me about the puffer fish yesteday and was amazed at the fact that it puffs up.... She was also amazed at a ink fish that they saw! Lol!!!!

-Beth (Mom)

Awesome! All right then ...

Who Else Wants To Have Some Fun?!?! Don't Let Them Miss Out!

As long as your're reading this we have spots open. Once they are filled up this page will contain instructions on how to get on my waiting list. Because we just opened enrollment on April 2nd I have a few spots available each week so you still have the opportunity to pick your week(s).

So how much do four days of boat-hopping adventures with me cost? A lot less than you think considering I've lead tours all around the world for photography professionals, the rich and famous, and amateur adventurers ... and they can pay thousands a week.

Before I let you in on that secret let me remind you how hard I work to make sure your kids have the best experience possible ...

What Other Camp Will Give Your Kids All of This ...

Ready now? Please remember ...

This Isn't Glorified Baby Sitting. Enroll Now ... Let's Go Have Some Fun!

I've been fortunate to be born into a family where we spent all of our time on the water and little in front of the TV. I've also been blessed to make a good career of what I enjoy doing. At this point in my life I enjoy this so much that I just need to make enough to cover my costs.

I've reduced my normal camp rate of $400 to only $300 (25% off!) for my all inclusive -- drop them off and pick them up -- adventure.

That's less than half the cost of a 4 hour fishing boat charter. It's less than a single session with a professional kids photographer. In my camp you get the benefits of both (a $1000+ value) and, as you've seen, even more so ...

Rest Easy and Give Yourself A Break While Your Kids Go On An Adventure ...

Yes! Let's Go Have Some Fun! I'm ready to enroll in Adventure Mike's Summer Camp.

One Week $400 only $300 (25% Discount. Save $100!)

Includes ...

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My Guarantee: I'm honored to give your kids this opportunity; I guarantee your child will have a great adventure and come home with stories to tell every day. If they decide on the first day Adventure Mike's is not the most fun they've ever had in a day camp I'll give you a full refund!

Let's Go Have Some Fun,

Mike Bacon
Adventure Mike

P.S. Call me at (561) 324-1892 to chat about my multi-week, group, and family discounts.

P.P.S. I'm also available year round for custom adventures (birthday parties, snorkeling tours, private and group lessons). All necessary gear always provided. Counselors have passed employment history checks, FDLE background checks, are CPR certified, well qualified, knowledgeable, friendly and almost as enthusiastic as me.

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